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Basic information


1233-8 Yawatano, Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture



Check In

From 15:30
(Last check-in:Basic until 18:00)
*If you are past your expected arrival time, please contact us by phone.

Check Out



7 rooms

Large Communal Bath

Private half-open-air bath(By appointment only:45 minutes)


TV set/refrigerator(Includes 2 service drinks)/Hairdryer/Individual air conditioning/Toilet with warmlet/Body soap/shampoo/conditioner/Toothbrush/Men's razor/bath towel/Face towel/pajamas(Paid:Lending for 150 yen)

Cancellation fee

I will receive as follows.

On the day of arrival:100% of room rate
The day before:90% of room rate
From 5 days prior:70% of room rate
From 10 days prior:50% of room rate
*100% of the room rate will be charged for no-show without notice.


・Payment can be made by cash or Pay pay.(Please understand that credit card payment is not possible.)
・Bathing Tax is required separately.(150 yen/person)
・The entire building is non-smoking.If you are a smoker, please be in the smoking space next to the entrance.
・Dinner will be served from 18:00.
(Please note that we may provide the service from 19:15 when the museum is full or crowded.)