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1233-8 Yawatano, Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture

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About 8 minutes from Izu-Kogen Station car*Please enter the National Route 135 signal "Higashi Omuro" or a Ayashii Boys and Girls signal "Ikeiriguchi"
  • Customers coming by car

    When you come to Navi Dori, the information from National Route 135 will be directed to a dead end.

    Route ①:If you are coming from Tokyo,
    Turn right at the traffic light (Higashi Omuro)
    →About 700m on the road
    →Turn left on Tokusho Machine Service
    →If you hit the fifth Lobbing, you can see the sign of Lobbing on the Lobbing pole in front of you,
    Although it is a narrow road, you will arrive when you go straight on that road.

    Route ②:If you are coming from Tokyo,
    traffic light(Turn right at the Ikeiriguchi)
    →Turn right at 500m on the right side, "Soba Restaurant Sarashina"
    →Turn right at the road 500m (collective sign with front map)
    →Go straight 200m and turn right.

    *Shimoda you are coming from Shimoda, please turn left at the above traffic light, then follow the same route.

  • Customers coming by train

    You will arrive at the hotel in about 5 minutes by taxi from “Izu-kogen” Station on the Izu Kyuko Line.